More Geek Chic Wedding Custom Wedding Invitations

This August, we showed you how you could power up your Geek Chic  matrimony with our Custom Wedding Invitations. It’s become quite the trend over the years as the pop culture generations get older and get married.  Here are some great geeky marriage ideas people have come up with, all ideas we can help you with at Print E-Z!

Ever since Bonnie Burton married R2D2 in 2010, Star Wars weddings have been a dime a dozen, with people being given away by Darth Vader and passing under an arch of lightsabers. Couples are unafraid to show their commitment to their favorite shows with Tardis cakes and full-on costumes (cosplay, an homage to favorite characters featured at most comics conventions.)  Now, more than ever, the happy occasion of matrimony is being bonded to the happy occasion of geek fandom.

Imagine your Gambit/Rogue wedding with a playing card tucked in every Luminous Rose custom wedding invitation, a symbol of their hard-won love echoing your own. Print E-Z has a selection of tasteful, affordable wedding invitations to make your special day just a touch more heroic or thematic. We can’t get you a cape or x-ray vision, but printing your awesome invitation? It’s E-Z!

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