How to Mail a Business Check

Mailing business checks can be daily routine for companies dealing with several invoices or numerous employee payments. You want to make sure that your business check is addressed properly so that it will make it to the intended recipient on time. However, if you deal with hundreds of these checks each day, it may become a bit overwhelming if you don’t have a system. Luckily, we’ve put together a few tips to help you through the process.

Purchase Business Envelopes: The first thing you will want to do is purchase business envelopes with your company’s name and logo on the front. Not only will this make the letter more professional, but it will help your recipients know they are receiving mail from your company.

Buy Stamps in Bulk: Instead of spending an outrageous amount on stamps each week, purchase your stamps in bulk and save your company a bit of money. You can easily find stamps in bulk at the USPS store online. Just make sure that the stamps you purchase will work for the mail you have to send out.

Clearly Mark Addresses: Instead of spending minutes out of your day carefully writing out each recipient’s address, print out the addresses on sticky paper instead. This will look more formal and will help prevent any mistakes that you may make in your handwriting.

Steps To Follow When Writing a Business Check

Business Checks When writing a business check to a supplier or creditor, you need to take a few more careful steps than you would when writing a simple personal check. Although business checks are similar to the format of personal checks, there are still a few differences you need to keep in mind.

Who Is the Payee?: It is sometimes difficult to determine the correct payee name for a business check. When paying a contractor or supplier, you shouldn’t automatically assume that you should make the check out to the name of the business. Check out your invoice forms to find the correct payment details.

Fill Out the Correct Details: Again, use your invoice folder as a reference to filling out the correct details for the rest of the check. If you have any questions, or are unsure of what information to use, don’t be afraid to call the business and ask. They would rather have you send them a proper check than one that they will be unable to use.

Sign and Record the Expenses: Even though this is a business check, you still need to sign with your proper name. The signature must come from someone who is signed onto the company’s financial account. You will also want to record the payment in your business account folder. This will help you keep track of both payments and overall finances for the company.

Improve Your Business Check Signature

Business Checks Although you may have had the same signature since the 5th grade, it probably isn’t the most professional signature for the business world. Yes, your chicken scratch signature may be cute, but do you really want your business checks to be that illegible? Luckily for you, we’ve included a few tips on improving your signature.

Create a Signature You Can Stand By: You don’t want to create a signature that is too hard for you to replicate on a frequent basis. Choose a signature that shows off your personality, while still retaining a level of comfort and ease.

Choose Carefully and Wisely: Why do you want a new signature? Is it a personal decision for professional growth? Are you tired of friends and coworkers picking fun at your signature? Decide the meaning of your new signature and stick to it!

Don’t Be a Show-Off: Nobody likes a show-off signature. Instead of writing large, flashy signatures on all of your business checks, stick with something you are comfortable with. Your signature is an extension of yourself

You Can’t Change Overnight: Changing your signature is a slow and tedious process. Don’t expect to wake up tomorrow morning with a new signature. Your wrist and fingers need to get used to the new motions of the signature. It takes a while for this motion to naturally form, but with patience and practice, your new signature is sure to impress your family, friends, and coworkers!

The Different Forms of Checks (Part 2)

Business ChecksLast week we covered a few different forms of business checks, including certified checks, cashier’s checks, and traveler’s checks. Today we have a few more useful checks to add to that list!

Personal Checks: A personal check is the check that you are probably the most familiar with. Personal checks are only payable to the individual who is named on the check. The account holder who wrote out the check is responsible for the overall amount. These are usually the types of checks you would receive for graduation presents or during the holidays from relatives or close friends.

Bearer Checks: These forms of checks are made payable to anyone who presents the check. Bearer checks are often marked “cash” and do not name anyone in particular for the overall amount. The person with the check can essentially cash it in at any bank without having to place the money in their own personal account.

Money Order Checks: A money order check is similar to a certified check in that the check must be paid for in advance. These checks can be purchased at any US Post Office or financial institution. In order for a money order check to go through, it needs to be prepaid with cash, a debit card, or a traveler’s check. Also, you do not need to have an account with the financial institution in order to purchase a money order check.

The Different Forms of Checks (Part 1)

Business ChecksWe know that our blog has already taught you everything you need to know about writing business checks, preventing check fraud, purchasing invoice forms, and much more. However, we’ve recently put together some information on all the other handy forms of checking.

Certified Checks: Certified checks are checks that are issued from the bank once they determine you have enough funds to cover the entire dollar amount. This verified check ensures the check won’t bounce, and is often asked for when covering rent payments, business transactions, or certain bill payments.

Cashier’s Checks: Cashier’s checks are checks that are payments fulfilled by the bank to act as a form of cash. If you want to get a cashier’s check, you need to first pay the bank for the amount of money you are looking to put on the check. These checks are often used to pay out loans.

Traveler’s Checks: Traveler’s checks are a useful form of currency when you are traveling to different countries. Prepay any bank to pick up a handful of traveler’s checks, which you can use as cash in most hostels, hotels, and foreign bars or restaurants. They are also insured against various forms of damage, theft, or loss.

How To Prevent Business Check Fraud

burglarIt is important to keep a close eye on both your business and personal financial assets. With the increase in technology over the past decade, it’s becoming even easier for criminals to steal and manipulate your financial information. If you find yourself negligent when using business checks, you are a larger subject for some form of business check fraud.

A large amount of check fraud is based on counterfeiting to create duplicates of your financial documents. Criminals will also use chemical alteration to remove your personal information from the documents and add their own. Business check fraud will usually begin with the theft of an original financial document, normally from a burglary, finding an old check in the garbage, or removing a check from your mail.

A good way to prevent business check fraud is to keep track of your business envelopes that you send out. Always get in touch with the recipient to make sure that the check arrived safe and sound. It’s also a good idea to keep your checks in a safe place where only you can find them. You should also keep a memo in the back of your checkbook about all of the checks that you write and send out.

Check fraud can be a painstakingly long process to resolve, so try to avoid it by keeping your business checks and envelopes well protected!

Personalized Business Cards and Business Checks

Personalized-Full-Color-Labels---Business-Card-3994-largeIf you don’t have personalized business cards or business checks for your company, it can be quite embarrassing to attend networking events and hand out your written information. Business cards often show a level of professionalism for your company and will prove to others that you’re the real deal. Many people take pride in the designs and logos of their business cards, just ask Patrick Bateman from American Psycho. Business cards often represent not only you as an individual, but your entire company as well.

When looking to customize your own business card or business check, it is important to decide on a clean, well organized design that is sure to leave a lasting impression. If you want something a bit more fun, many companies use novelty designs that relate well to their line of products or services. For example, newer businesses like to make their companies stand out with unique, contemporary business card designs that represent their products. We’ve seen everything from a record label using fake concert tickets as business cards to a car salesman using a “fold-able paper car” business card.

Business cards can help provide your company with a personality of its own. Print E-Z will provide your business with a handful of your personalized, beautiful business cards and checks.

Teach Your Son or Daughter How To Write Checks!

AvengersSo the time has finally come to teach your children how to write their very own checks. Maybe they need to write a check for their school supplies, magazine subscriptions, graduation gifts or their very first apartment rental. Regardless of the reason, your children will eventually have to write hundreds of checks throughout their lives, and what better way to teach them than with personal sports checks, cartoon checks, or “just for fun” checks.

Although personal checks are a bit less professional than business checks, they still follow the same outline and contain all of the same information. Personal checks are perfect starter checks for teens and young adults, and can feature designs such as Disney Princesses, Marvel superheroes, baseball teams, cartoon characters, and more. Even if you’re not a child, there are several fun checks available for comic fans and sports enthusiasts of all ages.

These novelty checks can be a fun and exciting way to teach your children about their financial responsibilities. They can also make great gifts for friends and family of all ages. Your personal checkbook says a lot about you, so make a bold statement with one of the hundreds of novelty checkbooks available on our website.

The Fine Art of the Business Envelope

Business EnvelopesWith so many ways to connect digitally through the use of email, telephone, Skype, and social media pages, when does one find the need to send a written business envelope these days? Normally, when businesses need to send documents to one another, they use email, fax, or scanning machines instead of physical mail. However, there are a few exceptions when it becomes necessary to send out business envelopes.

  • Checks, Tax Forms, and Other Financial Materials: Although direct deposit and electronic payments are becoming more popular every day, companies will still traditionally send out physical copies of business checks and tax forms for employees to keep a record of. Many people still enjoy receiving hard copies of their payment forms rather than viewing digital copies online.
  • Important Messages: When sending out important messages such as business contracts, letters of acceptance, and confidential information, companies will often use hard copies to highlight the significance of the enclosed material. People like to receive physical copies of their business contracts so they can file them and keep records for future references.
  • Brochures and Advertisements: Although email marketing is becoming much more common, businesses will still send out physical advertisements by mail. It’s easier for a person to simply click a delete button in their email than to throw away an advertisement without glancing at it. Written brochures and advertisements are usually more effective when included within mailing envelopes.

Pick out your very own business envelopes for all of your mailing needs at!

How To Complete an Invoice Form

InvoiceInvoice forms can be some of the most important documents for your company. Invoices are the key to completing sales, and they guarantee you that the business transaction will go through without a hitch. However, many small business owners don’t know the first thing about filing invoices, and they often get taken advantage of. This is why we’ve compiled a list that shows you the ins and outs of filing an invoice form.

Fill Out Both Company Names: In the header section of the form, you will want to fill out the names of both your company and the company you are filing the invoice for. By presenting this information at the top of the document, this will ensure organization when filing through these forms in the future.

Fill Out the Date, Description, and Amount: There should be easy-to-read columns on your invoice form, where you will fill in the exact details of the order. This will include the date that the transaction went through, the description, and the amount that the company owes you. Sometimes you will want to include an order number as well, in case you need to come back to it later.

Organize Your Invoice Forms Alphabetically: These forms are written proof that you’ve completed an order, but they don’t necessarily prove the transaction went through. By keeping your invoice forms well organized, you can easily check up on an order’s payment status.

Now that you know how to file and organize invoice forms, you should think about ordering some business checks to pay for invoices of your own. Print E-Z provides your company with invoice forms, business checks, computer checks, and more!